The ways to help us are:
1. With children, teaching languages, basic subjects such as math and communication or doing sports.
2. You can help us in two rural communities where we have been supporting your organization and we advise you to develop rural tourism there, this project is called “Chinchaypujio Homestay”.
3. In the community of Colca, we are organizing “Colca Tikariy” which has three components a) research contest where young students of this community participate, b) organize a forum for July 20 and 21, c) Edit or organize a magazine that is called “colca tikariy”
Once you are here, we organize and assign your responsibilities. You can go out to the field if you can, or work organizing from the office, or both.
We will generally need your help for 4 days a week, so that the other three can tour in Cusco.
To help us, you just have to confirm your arrival, the date you will come, and the time you will be with us.
You have to cover the cost of a place to sleep, and a lunch. With that you will have a room in our home, where you will have available hot shower, wifi, washing machine and a kitchen if you want to prepare your breakfast and dinner.
Also, we will help you with information and organize your trips to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Mountain of Colors, Humantay Lagoon, etc. to make it as economical as possible for you.
leave me your cell phone number so we can communicate by whatsapp.
mine is +51984463979

Vladimir Vargas Chauca
Quechua School Executive Director

English for children

It’s been two years that we have been teaching English to children in the town of San Jeronimo in Cusco Peru.

The initiative arose from the need to summon children from the educational institution Alejandro Velasco Astete, who for different reasons can not access to study in language schools.

Permanently, thanks to friends and institutions, foreign visitors come with us, in the form of volunteering to share their time with children, practicing English and Spanish, becoming a mutual learning.

Each year the children are increasing in number, either because of the dynamics of the methodology and because they see in the learning of English a great strength for their future.

We have a conditioned environment, in our house, in which with our own resources we offer all our efforts for an optimal learning.

Promoting the practice of sport.

Our experience accompanying children doing sports.

In our purpose to promote the sport, we have formed the Club Deportivo Cultural Juventud Cotabambas.

Our Project of Rural Tourism:  Chinchaypujio Homestay

In two local communities we have been strengthening their organization and implementing what is necessary for responsible tourism.

Our Project: Soil Conservation in Colca

Our project in the Community of Colca, Cotabambas Apurimac, promotes respect, recovery of ancestral techniques, responsible use, care and conservation of agricultural soils. We conducted awareness workshops, recovery and assessment activities.

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