Quechua is the language of the ancient Peruvians, even today millions of people in South America speak it. It represents the culture of the Andes.

School, as a need to show and teach through language the wisdom of an ancient culture.

The colors in our image are green, white and black. They symbolize nature, trust and the spiritual respectively.


We are a non-profit organization, our goal is to promote healthy living.

For this we carry out activities focused on valuing and recovering the local culture, understanding that this culture was respectful of nature, people and the spiritual. Our idea is to teach this way of understanding life to contribute to a better life.

Our specific objectives are:

Promote the practice of sport, mental and spiritual health;

Environmental protection;

Intercultural exchange through volunteer programs.

Actual Activities:

Volunteer program in which we provide stays in the local community and volunteers teach English, carry out activities and learn about the local culture.

Awareness workshops focused on environmental protection, we plant thousands of trees of native species every year, with the help of foreign volunteers, children from the local community and collaborating institutions.

Teaching English to children and young people in the local community by foreign volunteers.

We promote research projects focused on culture, the environment and health.

We carry out tourism development and agriculture projects.

You Can help us

Help us buy native plants


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Cusco – Peru