In order to raise awareness about climate change, we carry out activities in a local community in favor of the environment, we promote research, and we hold an annual forum and publication of the Colca Tikariy magazine (Colca Flourishes).

These are the questions that guide our initiative.

  • How can we protect our environment from climate change?
  • What local and global actions can be taken to reduce the impact of climate change?
  • How can you reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your local community?
  • How do I help save the Earth?
  • What can I personally do about global warming?

Our activities focus on campaigning to produce behavior change, produce products and food locally, promote local solutions for access to sustainable energy and transformation, implementation of the collaborative economy

Añapanku, Flower of the Andes Perú.

Colca Tikariy Program

Objectives of the Program

Value the ancestral culture of the peoples of Peruvian Andes.

Promote the protection of the environment through afforestation projects, reforestation with native plants such as qeuña, chachakomo, kiswar, tayanka, mutuy, lluqi, etc.

Revalue the ancestral agricultural technology, as an instrument of responsible management of fragile soils of the peoples of Peru.

Promote research focused on culture, environment, responsible and fair economy.


Colca Tikariy Annual Forum

Space for dialogue between scientists specialized in ancestral culture, the environment, ancestral agricultural technology; Water management … National, local and regional government representatives; Students, journalists, local and regional radio and television channels; General public.
They address issues of conjuncture, with the purpose of building a healthy future for the Community of Colca, District and Province of Cotabambas, Apurimac Region Peru.
It takes place in July of each year, in the Peasant Community of Colca, Cotabambas, Apurimac.

Colca Tikariy Research Contest

In 2019, it is a contest of research articles, where undergraduate students who are studying in Institutes and universities, who are children of the inhabitants of the Community of Colca Cotabambas, who study in areas of their interest, with the purpose to build a framework of knowledge about the cultural, environmental and economic wealth of Colca.

Colca Tikariy annual magazine

publishes the articles prepared in the research contest, the annual forum and the contributions of specialists in different topics.
It is edited and delivered annually.

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