How is an afternoon in the volunteer program in Colca Peru.
In the afternoon, after having lunch and rest. We headed to the countryside.

Today the afternoon is pleasant, it does not rain and the sun blesses us with its presence.

Generally, the months of January, in which we are today, it rains in the afternoon. But hey, that is very variable here.

As a friend who visited us last year said, “here in one day the four seasons of the year can be presented.” And it is true, in a moment it can be sunny and then rainy.

Fortunately today is a mild day so we make the most of it.
First we will harvest potatoes for cooking these days. We are heading towards the cultivation field. There we have, along with the potato, amaranth, peas, beans, and other products. Today we will only harvest potatoes.

Later we go where we have sown grass. We will cut for the guinea pig. At first it is difficult to learn to cut but then we become skilled and we can even teach.

We carry it on our backs and take it to the barn next to the house where the guinea pigs live.

These guinea pigs should eat at least three times a day.
At 7 in the morning, at noon and at night. At night we must leave more grass, because at night they will eat more.

It’s around 5 pm. Lourdes, our hostess tells us that we will cook a typical Colca dessert. She will teach us how to prepare it. Here we go.

Vladimir Vargas

Quechua School Executive Director


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