Known as the language of the Incas, it is spoken in South America by 8 million people. It is characterized by being expressive, emotional and sweet. It is the expression of cultures that respect the harmony of being with nature. There are variants forming a linguistic family.

In this article we share the most important of the most important language of the ancient culture of Peru.

How do you say hello in Quechua?

hello in quechua is Allillanchu

It is the simplest way to say hello, it can be considered equivalent to hello. The answer to this greeting would be Allillanmi

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Is it difficult to learn Quechua?

Learning Quechua is a complicated task but it is worth it. We believe that knowing Quechua implies knowing its way of seeing the world. You have to start from there.

This is because in Quechua life, the cosmos and everything that surrounds us is understood in a different way. Therefore, you must begin by knowing the principles of your worldview.

Where is Quechua spoken?

Northern Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are the countries where the Quechua linguistic family is spoken.

Quechua from Cusco

Quechua was originally thought to have originated in Cusco, because it was the capital of the Incas, thanks to whom this language spread. But scientific research agrees that it would have originated in central Peru.

Quechua from Cusco is one of the most popular and is said to be one of the purest. However, we do not believe that this is the case. Well, just as there are no pure cultures, there are no pure languages ​​either.

If we must say that it is a language with a wide vocabulary and that despite having suffered during the Spanish invasion to such an extent that it had been despised by the residents of Cusco, it was a reason for mockery and contempt for those of us who spoke Quechua, has preserved.

Quechua is now a source of pride

The history of the speaking Quechua indigenous has been cruel, but now it seems that it was fashionable. As the contempt of American cultures has been overcome, it is now fashionable to put Quechua names on children.

But it is still associated with poverty, for example, the government names social programs in Quechua.

Why is it important to learn Quechua?

It is the expression of cultures that respected nature, considered as mother and lived in harmony with their being and the environment. This way of seeing the world will help personal development and the world for its sustainability.

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The communities around Cusco, because they are far from life in the city, have preserved their culture and language.

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