Strengthening our Andean Values

Today we held a workshop to strengthen our organizacion, for this we had the presence our friend Sayda Portillo, who shared us the importance of Andean values for the now life, then with children, the importance of emotions.

The Andean values

of those who formerly lived in Perú, teach us to respect life, share the gook, and coexist fully.

The mos importan Andean values have been:


Munay, that means love

Because everything that is done with kindness is well received and always feeds your soul.


Yachay which means Wisdom.

Because knowing means humility to learn, to grow and to create.


Llankay meaning Laboriousness.

Because we must always work to perceive life with pleasure.

These three pillars, Munay, Yachay and Llankay, they are the foundation of our Healthy School.

In this way, we will continue to feed our organización, with values and diverse activities with the purpose of promoting Healthy Life.

Vladimir Vargas

Quechua School Executive Director


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