This is a volunteer program abroad that helps mitigate climate change, This is an initiative of EARTH DINNER and QUECHUA SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, with the purpose of promoting sensitivity to climate change and the importance of native forests in the Andes of Peru.

Reforestation project of the mountain with 2020 native trees with the participation of school children in Colca in Cotabambas Peru


Plant 2020 native species with children from the Colca community, as part of raising awareness on environmental protection and contributing to the reforestation of the mountains of the Community.


The mountains of the Peruvian Andes were covered with bushes and vegetation, but due to the overgrazing of animals, the expansion of the agricultural frontier and especially due to the use of trees as fuel by the population, who do not appreciate the value of the vegetation and native trees in soil conservation, generation of moisture and water, and wildlife, has caused the depopulation of trees.

The consequences are soil erosion, loss of cultivated soil, frost in unusual times, and decrease in the population of wild animals.


If deforestation continues, and the lack of sensitivity on the part of the population in conserving vegetation and, conversely, the need for reforestation with native species, the soils will lose their arable land cover, there would be water shortages in the dry season, disappearance of wild animals, presence of frost in unusual times. Threatening in this way the Colca population itself in its ability to provide food.


Teaching children the value of native species in their contribution to soil conservation, generation of ecosystems and value for humans, is the best strategy to reduce deforestation, in addition to planting native species we will contribute to the project that seeks to repopulate vegetation in the mountains of the community.

Those who participate

25 children from the community who participate in our school, foreign volunteers who support us as teachers, and members of the Asociacion Civil Quechua School.

When is the project

Scheduled activities:

Friday, May 1, 2020. Construction of the perimeter fence to protect tree plants from animals.

Sunday, June 21, 2020. Awareness workshop on The Value of Native Species Forests in the Colca Community of Cotabambas Peru.

Thursday, August 6: Ceremony to Mother Earth in the Colca Community. With the participation of the school children.

Friday, September 18, 2020. Purchase of seedlings in Tambobamba.

Friday, September 18, 2020. Transfer of the seedlings to the town of Colca.

Sunday, September 23, 2020. Planting of native species in the Colca Community.

How the reforestation project will be carried out

We will buy 2020 seedlings of native species such as Queuña (polylepis spp), Kiswar (Buddleja incana) and Chachacomo (Escallonia resinosa) found in the nursery of the Provincial Municipality of Cotabambas – Tambobamba.

How much will the reforestation project with native species cost?

Each plant costs PE S /. 5.00 (EUR 1.36) for 2020 units, total PE S /. 1000 (EUR 272.70)

Number of plantsCost each onetotal costSellerBuyer
2020S/.5.00S/.10100.00 (EUR 3005.95)Municipalidad Provincial de Cotabambas – Tambobamba.Asociación Civil Quechua School

What are the expected results of the reforestation project?

Children from the Colca community sensitized on the importance of the conservation of forests with native species and their contribution to the well-being of plants, wild animals and the capacity of the population for food self-sufficiency.

600 families from the Colca community directly involved through an awareness workshop on the conservation of forests of native species.

Those who participate financially

People and organizations committed to education, environmental protection and sustainable development of vulnerable peoples.

In this initiative Earth Dinner Org is supporting us with more than 2020 plants.

They help us collect donations through their website:

How to make a donation for the reforestation project

You can send your donation through:

You can be a volunteer or help us:

Cusco, February 20, 2020.


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