The works that we have been developing:

Colca reforestation with native species 2020

Volunteer in Peru

At the initiative of a friendly organization we have set out to plant 2000 trees of native species in the town of Colca.

This project also aims to sensitize the population of the area regarding the impact of deforestation and the direct consequences on soil erosion, loss of vegetation, impact on water and unusual presence of frost.
We have the support of organizations and friends who have the desire to collaborate with protecting the earth and the environment. more info…

Healthy School: January to March Every year

We teach children: languages such as English and Quechua, fundamental values; we promote the practice of sports; We reinforce their learning of basic courses such as Communication and Mathematics.

Chinchaypujio Homestay: All year

A Tourism project in which we build a healthy tourist destination.

Women from the community of Ocra in Chinchaypujio.

We promote the development of rural tourism in two communities. We advise you to create an original tourist destination. Read more…

In this project we developing about Medicinal plants and Healthy food.

Colca Tikariy:

Añapanku, flower of the Andes.

Its objective is to promote research and, consequently, the knowledge of cultural and environmental wealth; the dialogue and discussion of the future of the Andean peoples, and the disclosure of said events. Read more…

In this project, we carry out the following activities:

Colca Tikariy Research Contest

It is a contest in which young students study in different areas of their rural community. The objective is to motivate research, give them an economic incentive and generate knowledge about the cultural and environmental richness of the community. The featured studies are presented at the Annual Forum and published in the magazine.

  • Paucarccoto Tikariy 2019: I Concurso de Investigación en la Comunidad de Paucarccoto.

Colca Tikariy annual forum

It is a space for dialogue between representatives of national, regional and local government; specialists in culture and environmental management, youth and the general public, with the presence of journalists and analysts; where topics of local and regional interest are addressed.

  • Colca Tikariy 2015. It addressed mining management, water management and native forests. With the presence of Ecosistemas Andinos – ECOAN, Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalurgico del Perú – INGEMMET, UNU KAMACHIQ WATER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS S.A.C and Centro Bartolome de las Casas – CBC. Read more…

Colca Tikariy Annual magazine

It contains the studies carried out in the research contest, the articles of invited specialists, speeches made in the annual forum.

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