Our organization, this year has set great goals. Here is a detail of what we have proposed.



Project’s name: Healthy School

We promote language teaching, sports practice and multiple activities in favor of children and young people who for different reasons do not access these services. We promote interaction with foreign English speaking volunteers for the practice of languages and sharing of cultures. This initiative was based on observing the needs of children in an educational center, with funds from our founders (Celso Vargas Morales, Vladimir Vargas Chauca, Benito Ayquipa Muñoz) we have been working for six years, we hope to continue contributing to the well-being and the better future of the kids. Reed more…


Project’s name: Chinchaypujio Homestay

Vladimir Vargas, our Executive Director Making a talk about the Rural Tourism project in the communities of Ocra and Paucarccoto, Chinchaypujio.

We work with local people in the implementation of rural tourism in the community. The objective is to constitute Chinchaypujio in an original tourist destination, based on cultural attractions and the natural environment. We start by observing the richness in organic food they have, the unique Andean landscape and the friendliness of the local people. Reed more…


Project’s name: Colca Tikariy

Comunidad de Colca, en Cotabambas Apurimac Perú.

Colca is a rural community with unique characteristics, which is now threatened by the great mining, due to the mining deposits that it keeps in its subsoil. We want to turn this town into a healthy place, valuing its ancestral agriculture, because for hundreds of years we have lived sowing and harvesting natural food, using natural techniques. This has been a place where many seeds are produced, animals such as llama, alpaca, vicuna, sheep and cows are raised. And it has a unique natural environment. We work in the valuation of ancestral techniques of agriculture, water management and recovery of Andean forest.
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  • We are organizing Colca Tikariy Research Contest, which will be held by students from this rural community. This contest is called Colca Tikariy which means Colca flowers
  • We organize the Colca Tikariy annual forum where the investigations carried out are made known, it is a space where authorities, specialists and public in general dialogue.
  • We publish the Colca Tikariy Annual magazine, which contains the research, opinions of specialists and results of the annual forum.

Colaborate with us director@quechuaschool.org

Vladimir Vargas

Quechua School Executive Director


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