The first thing that catches our attention is the weather.

Normally in Colca these months of January and February it rains, and it rains a lot. But it happens that when our friends David and Phillip have arrived, the weather is in a good mood.

At dawn it is a bit cold, it is cloudy but gradually it clears and soles.

Volunteer abroad in Colca Peru

We are heading to the sports complex, which belongs to the community of Colca, and which is our headquarters for our use. We have been working here for a year, but the couple of months we have stopped caring are noticeable.

We have desks that we must repair and in general the facilities need cleaning. We have enough work before we start teaching children.

With tools in hand we clean the rustic sports field, Phillip collects the stones, David opens a channel for the water resulting from the intense rain of the past weeks to leave the field and pray.

Volunteer cleaning the sports field

At noon we end up exhausted. Luckily, Lourdes has a simple but tasty lunch.

In the afternoon, after a break, we head towards the cultivation field. The landscape through the green mountains, to the east the Apurimac river canyon contrasts with the snow-capped peaks of the Vilcanota chain, Colca is a beautiful town.

We help to dig potatoes and cut grass to feed the guinea pigs.

harveast potatoes in peru

After harvesting, we move from the crop field to the house of the guinea pigs. There are some baby guinea pigs who died, Lourdes tells us they died of hunger. Tomorrow we will have to bring grass earlier.

grass cutting

This is how we finish our activities on our second day. Tomorrow the children will come and finally we can meet them.

Vladimir Vargas

Quechua School Executive Director


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