The tasks and competences to be carried out in our Healthy Volunteering Program are according to the needs of the host family. And it is usually framed by the Ritual Agrofestive Calendar (according to the time of year in which you visit)

Participate in daily tasks like:

  • feed the animals for example Cuy, those are a kind of guinea pig – harvest the grass with a special tool, carry it from the field and feed them
  • Bring the alpacas to their meadow in the mountains (and enjoy the walk in the mountains)
  • help in various steps to process the products from the field to be ready for storage and use

Help in Agricultural activities

Accompany the field of cultivation, according to the agrofestive calendar, to prepare the land, choose the seed, to plant, transfer the manure from the stable, hunt the potato, harvest, move the potato to the house, make dry potatoes, prepare the deposit for the seeds.

Develop agricultural tools, such as chakitaqlla, allachu, kuti, qasuna and others.

Prepare home medicine with plants and minerals

Learn to prepare medicine with plants, for different ailments such as muscle pain, headache, bad wind, twists.

Take care of the animals

Shepherd the sheep and alpacas, take care of the foxes that stalk the smallest, and on the way make sheep´s wool yarn for the clothes.

Elaborate instruments of llama and alpaca wool

  • Ropes, slings, sacks, tissues, bags, and other useful items for agriculture and animal care.
  • Weave sheep or alpaca wool garments
  • Learn and help weave blankets, shawls, ponchos.
  • Build Houses
  • Prepare the materials, cut sticks, make bricks, bring straw, make ropes, bring sotones, open ditches, make wall, roof.

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