Within the framework of the presentation of TIKAPALLANA, the community of Colca, participated in this parade singing and making music, residents and authorities.

TIKAPALLANA IS a party, the most important for the cotabambinos, where it is sung and danced in the place called Purutu Pampa, it has been celebrated for hundreds of years; and has been recognized as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture.

This year 2020 will take place on Monday, February 24. You can participate by going from Cusco through Izcuchaca, Inquilpata, Chinchaypujio, Cotabambas, Huamaniray, Yanacocha, Purutu Pampa.

You must leave very early, it will take you 5 hours by car.

COLCA IS IN THE Cotabambas District, 110 km from Cusco and four hours away. Fortunately, in about 8 months we will have a new route thanks to the construction of the Colca – Kutuctay bridge, which will allow us to arrive in two and a half hours and the distance will only be 70 km.

In Colca we have a volunteer program focused on teaching English to children in the community, we also carry out activities such as planting native trees, caring for animals, and workshops to revalue local culture.

We are also promoting tourism development, since it is a city with tradition, it has beautiful landscapes and archeological sites, which allows us to glimpse as a unique destination.

Just a year ago and we have great achievements in receiving tourists who have loved them.

This time we are full of emotion, because it is the first time that the entire town of Cotabambas presents the Tikapallana in Cusco and in this way.

Proud to be a son of cotabambinos !!!

Vladimir Vargas

Quechua School Executive Director


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