About Chinchaypujio Homestay

We are two rural communities in Cusco Peru, which have been working with agriculture with ancestral technology. All our harvests are organic and we want your support to continue sowing for a healthy life.

Where we are?

In Cusco, Peru. in the province of anta, 64 km from Cusco, the place where you visit Machu Picchu

How do you help us?

In our community you will help us to continue planting, also teaching English to children, and building healthy homes.

What we offer you

We offer you food and lodging.

That you enjoy during your stay

The landscape is very popular with our visitors, the surroundings are mountains, ravines, forest of trees and the Apurimac canyon, which make your visit pleasant.

Travel to the most popular tours in Peru

You can also visit Machu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, mountain of colors and other tours of southern Peru.

Machu Picchu

Contact us


whatsapp +51984302907

Vladimir Vargas

Quechua School Executive Director


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