The ways to help us are:

Volunteer Online Program

We need

  • Translator from Spanish to English or other languages, proofreader of published content.
  • Image editor, videos.
  • Correct and optimize Web page.
  • Correct and optimize publications on volunteer platforms
  • Help us publicize our volunteer programs
  • Planner and manager of development and volunteer projects
  • Specialists in the environment, reforestation, agriculture, animal husbandry, medicinal plants, health care, sport promotion, promoters of local culture.

Help us

  • Plan and manage volunteer projects
  • Edit and correct our content in English or another language.
  • Edit images and videos, optimize our website
  • Fix our publications on volunteer platforms
  • Attract more volunteers who want to help us
  • Coordinate our reforestation project with trees of native species.
  • Organize content for environmental awareness workshops in Colca

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Volunteer On-site Program from august 2020

The ways to help us are:

1 English for kids

Kids from Colca rural Community; teaching languages, basic subjects such as math and communication or doing sports.

2 Support tourism development

You can help us in two rural communities where we have been supporting your organization and we advise you to develop rural tourism there, this project is called “Chinchaypujio Homestay”.

3 Social works

In the community of Colca we carry out different activities.

  • Integral school: We do math, communication and English classes.
  • We promote the practice of sport, meditation and healthy eating.
  • Reforestation activities with native trees.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Teach classes to groups of children.
Keep a record of the children.
Help in animal care activities and agricultural activities of the family with whom you live.

How long will you be busy volunteering?

We will generally need your help for 4 days a week, so that the other three can tour in Cusco.

Where is the place of the volunteer program?

Our objective is to achieve that a geographic landscape, called Cañon de Apurimac, becomes a tourist destination. For this reason we work in three small towns (Colca, Ocra and Paucarccoto) that are located in this space, one kilometer away from the other, in 30 km. approximately.

Volunteer activities are carried out between the city of Cusco and communities of the Apurimac river canyon, 70 km and 3 hours by car from the city of Cusco.

 How are the activities

Normally we plan the goals to be carried out during the week, which can be gathering information, taking walks, climbing mountains, teaching English to children, interviewing people, planting trees, helping to care for animals such as guinea pig, llama, alpaca; helping with agricultural activities, helping and learning to cook, helping to fix roads, helping to build houses in a typical way, registering photographs, videos, editing them, publishing, updating the web page.

Fees: USD 12 daily

You have to cover the cost of a place to sleep, and a three meals for day. With that you will have a room with local family house, where you will have available hot shower, wifi, washing machine and a kitchen if you want to prepare your breakfast and dinner.

Tour advise

Also, we will help you with information and organize your trips to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Mountain of Colors, Humantay Lake, etc. to make it as economical as possible for you.

More about this Volunteer Program:

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Volunteer Confirmation

To help us, you just have to confirm your arrival, the date you will come, and the time you will be with us.

The only confirmation channel is via email;

The only way to confirm your reservation for a volunteer is by email.
Request the reservation and we will answer the availability.
To request the reservation of the volunteer, you must send the following information:
Arrival date
estimated time
What activity are you interested in?
What would you like to learn in this experience

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