Thanks to the Earth Dinner Org initiative, we have set out to plant 2020 native trees this year 2020 in the town of Colca.

From the volunteer experience of the direct organization in Colca, the idea of ​​planting native species was born.

Observing the surroundings of the rural communities of the Andes of Peru, the deforestation suffered by the mountains can be seen.
In the last century there was an intense exploitation of the native trees that covered these mountains to provide coal to the industry that was in full swing at that time.

The settlers themselves by orders of landowners and landowners cut the trees that were hundreds of years old to obtain carbon.
The coal was sent by trucks and train to the industry that required it.

Afforestation and reforestation actions

The main actions against logging are concentrated in the Amazon, certainly due to the intense deforestation suffered by illegal logging.

The importance of reforestation in the Andes

The mountains of the Andes are headwaters, that is, they are the mountains that sponge to retain and provide water to the rest of the territory.
That is why it is extremely important that the mountains have vegetation that will conserve moisture, generate ecosystems for wildlife, to enrich the land of humus and for the human being himself.

This year 2020 we have proposed to plant 2020 trees of native species in a rural community of Peru, it is a small initiative but it is the beginning to promote the conservation of soils and wildlife.

For this we have the support of Earth Dinner Org an organization that will allow us to take the first step.

We hope to count on you to spread, publicize and have more people and organizations that join this initiative.

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Cusco, February 20, 2020.


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Vladimir Vargas

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